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Welcome to the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain

Founded in 1952, when a group of enthusiasts met at Crufts to inaugurate a club to promote the breed in Great Britain, the club is the oldest and largest Ridgeback Club in the UK. Ridgebacks had by then been imported into or bred in this country for some forty years, but not in significant numbers. In those early days, the club guaranteed classes at shows, thereby helping to get the Ridgeback exhibited around the country and giving judges who were unfamiliar with the breed the opportunity to learn. Those efforts resulted in Challenge Certificates being awarded to the breed for the first time in 1954. Since that time membership of the club has grown to over 700 and the Rhodesian Ridgeback population is currently estimated at about 11,000. Such growth in the breeds popularity has inevitably bought it’s problems, which the club has recognised and confronted. The clubs main aim is no longer solely to promote the breed, but rather to secure it’s future well-being by encouraging carefully planned, responsible breeding from healthy stock, free from hereditary defects and equally important, persuading breeders to take the greatest possible care in the choice of homes for their puppies. The growth of the club has also seen it’s member’s interests extend beyond breeding and exhibiting – many members join simply to belong to a group of like-minded people and to be kept in touch with news, views and developments.



Sunday 27 September 2015

The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park

Warwickshire CV8 2LZ

13 Days Left To Enter On



Our judge for today will be Kirsteen Maidment(Osebeni)

everyone is welcome from competitors to spectators

food and drinks will be available to purchase





A really big THANK YOU to our sponsors ‘Brands 2 Hands’


Warning It has come to the notice of the breed clubs that some unscrupulous breeders are passing off Rhodesian Ridgebacks that are not the correct colour as “rare”. Please be careful, the colours are wheaten to red wheaten and not such colours as black and tan (Doberman colouring) or brindle. Occasionally, due to a gene silver / grey coloured puppies are born. They should never be shown and should never be used in a breeding programme. They should be registered as a non standard colour and their purchase price should reflect this. The Kennel Club recommends that these puppies should have their registration documents endorsed.

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